We are inspired by the recent activism spearheaded by multitudes of students from around the globe and in Oregon advocating for safer schools.


Much like the complexity of our work to eliminate socioeconomic and racist barriers to educational success, eliminating school shootings is a complex challenge that requires long-term, multi-faceted, and highly collaborative solutions.


We want to raise our collective voice to encourage immediate action from policymakers and community leaders to address pressing concerns surrounding gun control, glorification of violence, and assumptions about mental health issues that converge to create the conditions for repeated school shootings.


We believe that all students deserve and are entitled to a safe, encouraging, and supportive learning environment; a necessity for all students to thrive. We believe that addressing school shootings requires bold and decisive action on a broad range of issues at a policy level and at a greater community level. We urge community members, business leaders, and our elected officials most of all to take proactive steps to institute measures which will prevent future gun-related acts of violence in schools. 


If you would like to learn more, get involved, and make a difference for student safety in schools, please visit one or more of the websites below and take action:


EveryTown for Gun Safety - everytown.org

Nonpartisan movement of Americans demanding common sense reforms to reduce gun violence.  Merged with grassroots momsdemandaction.org in 2017, and most recently created a “Students Demand Action” branch of the organization, in response to massive student demand for a way to get more engaged in the EveryTown movement.


Ceasefire Oregon - ceasefireoregon.org and Oregon for Gun Safety Alliance - oregonallianceforgunsafety.org

Oregon-based advocacy groups pushing for reasonable, effective gun laws that reduce gun violence.


For a glimpse of how local Oregon students taking initiative, please read this article in the Salem Statesman Journal about students speaking out for more action on the part of policy-makers and about Measure 43, a proposed ballot measure asking for a ban on assault weapons

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