In recent weeks, we’ve witnessed inhumane treatment of immigrants spiral quickly from words to appalling actions. This includes swift establishment of mass tent cities, separation of families, and creation of “tender age” shelters created for migrant toddlers torn away from their parents and other relatives.  Without a doubt, the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy proves a cruel, unacceptable attack on those seeking asylum and opportunity in the United States


At Greater Than, we recognize that the United States has an atrocious history, rooted in systemic oppression and institutional racism, of separating children from parents. Although an executive order was signed to keep families together at the southern border, this crisis is far from over.


Public outrage and collective voice was the catalyst for the executive order, but the “zero-tolerance” policy remains. Civic engagement is a vital way to shape our communities. We ask that you join us as we stand with migrants who remain torn from their families and detained indefinitely.


On a national level, you can donate to ActBlue Civics, a registered charitable organization that will distribute funds across eight reputable organizations listed at this website:


You can also sign the National Immigration Law Center petition to end family separation here:


Locally, over 100 individuals have been detained and transferred to Oregon’s Sheridan federal prison in Yamhill County, with many citing religious persecution as their reason for fleeing their native countries. You can take action in Oregon in the following ways:


Volunteer with Causa, Oregon’s immigrant rights organization:


Make a contribution to Unidos Bridging Community, a frontline community led nonprofit that serves Yamhill County and advocates for immigrant families:

Donate or volunteer with Innovation Law Lab, an Oregon-based nonprofit dedicated to upholding the right of immigrants and refugees:

Make a donation to Immigration Counseling Service, the oldest independent nonprofit law firm dedicated to improving the lives of immigrants in Oregon and Southwest Washington:

Words cannot fully express the devastation felt all around the world right now, but we know that silence is a passive acceptance of the unjust policies enforced.

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