COVID-19 Response

Many families are impacted by school closures, social isolation, and job losses because of this health crisis but the community we serve is disproportionately affected.

To meet the needs of Alder families, we have been nimble, collaborative, and family-centered and are proud of the work we’ve accomplished, including:

  • Delivering supplemental food boxes weekly to families who are facing food insecurity

  • Collaborating with partners to ensure effective and equitable distribution of resources so that as many Alder Elementary families as possible are served while minimizing duplication of supports

  • Re-imagining academic support programs to be home-based, family-centered, and supported by remote staff over the summer when other academic services are absent

  • Delivering evidence-based pre-k learning kits to families in our community


We are asking you today to support this important work that will help families now and ensure our organization is well-equipped to continue to meet their needs over the coming months. We have maintained our staff at full-capacity to continue supporting our community, even during this challenging time.

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